Testosterone Propionate

Are you tired of drinking those protein shakes and not seeing any noticeable gains? Do you notice there are some guys in the gym that seem to get on bigger and stronger almost weekly? Well, if you want to achieve similar results as those guys and you want those results fast, then you have to do what those guys were most likely doing – go for Testosterone Propionate.

And I’m not talking about those cheap testosterone boosters in the supplements store that barely (if anything) boost your testosterone levels. I’m talking about real testosterone that is going to make you jacked really fast as it would actually skyrocket your testosterone levels.

  • There are multiple testosterone versions, but Testosterone Propionate is the steroid with the fastest form of release. That’s why, is the testosterone ester that is capable of making you grow muscles the fastest out of all others.

What is Testosterone Propionate?


Testosterone Propionate, or Test Prop or even Test P as most gym guys call it, is the first esterified version of testosterone that ever appeared. It is also the shortest esterified testosterone steroid available.

  • The only shorter version of testosterone is raw testosterone which has no ester attached. Testosterone Suspension is what most people call it. It has a release of only a few hours.

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Testosterone Propionate half-life (release time) is only about 20-48 hours. That’s much shorter compared to other popular testosterone esters such as Testosterone Enanthate (half-life of about 7-9 days) or Testosterone Cypionate (half-life of about 9-12 days).

Testosterone Propionate is only coming in the form of an oil solution for intramuscular injection. There are no other forms of administering Testosterone Propionate. Therefore, this is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is short acting and oil based injectable. It increases the total testosterone levels in the body after administration.

The ester attached to the testosterone responds for how long the testosterone levels would remain high. The dosage depends on how high those levels would be.

This is the preferred version of testosterone among those who want to run short cycles to yield fast results.

Advantages Compared To Other Testosterone Forms

Because you quickly increase levels of testosterone in your body, the results are noticeable really fast. Additionally, it would quickly flush out of your body too. That’s why the side effects would disappear really fast too. Thanks to all of this, users may adjust their exact preferred testosterone dosage easier compared to long based forms that require a while for them to kick in and flush out of the body.

So, if you need fast results or if you want to adjust the dosages – Testosterone Propionate is preferred.


Disadvantages Compared To Other Testosterone Forms

Because it quickly flushes out of your system, you have to administer it much more frequently. For example, users administer Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate only 2 times a week. Remember that it requires intramuscular injections. However, users need to keep using Testosterone Propionate every other day, at least. But preferably, to use it on a daily basis. Moreover, Test Prop is less oily than longer versions of testosterone, that’s why injections might be more painful too.

Because of the fact that more painful injections should be used more frequently compared to other versions, most people prefer long based versions.

Testosterone Propionate Results Vs Other Testosterone Forms

There’s no difference between Testosterone Propionate and other testosterone versions in terms of results. Regardless of the ester attached to testosterone – it does nothing else than just increase testosterone levels. Esters attached to the main compound only increase the release time after administration.

Therefore, in terms of results, regardless of what testosterone version you get – they are all the same.

You just increase levels of testosterone, that’s why the results are based on factors such as:


  • Dosage
  • Cycle length
  • Personal preference
  • Lifestyle

Generally, increased levels of testosterone is leading to various benefits such as

  • Increased muscular mass
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased strength
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Others too

However, increased testosterone levels, especially for long periods, may lead to side effects such as

  • Oily skin
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Aggression
  • Development of gynecomastia and water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Others too



Those who want fast results generally go for Testosterone Propionate. But remember that you need to use it as an intramuscular injection on a daily basis and be aware that injections might be painful.

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