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Testosterone Cypionate is perhaps the most (or among the most) popular item in the regimen and cycles of most bodybuilders and athletes who are using products for enhancing their performance and improving their physical appearance.

With this being said, is no wonder that there are so many people who buy Testosterone Cypionate in so many different ways. All of this is because Testosterone is one of the simplest, most well researched, one of the safest and in the same time one of the most effective anabolic and androgenic steroids that you can buy and use.

This is the reason why Testosterone Cypionate is an extremely good addition for absolute beginners who never used any compounds in the past and they want to be introduced to the world of anabolic steroids, and is still remaining used by absolute professionals who are using anabolic agents for years and they are having a vast experience with a lot of chemicals.

Therefore, this is why both beginners and professionals buy Testosterone Cypionate.

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Why Buy Testosterone Cypionate?

If you’re still not familiar with this compound then is not hard to understand simply by its name. As it suggests, this is a changed version of the natural chemical that is found in your body – Testosterone and it has the additional Cypionate ester. This is a chemical release agent that is going to offer a gradual release of testosterone in the system after you administer it.

This means that you administer Testosterone Cypionate once, and you have its effects lingering for a long time. Testosterone Cypionate half life is around 12 days. Once or maximum twice per week administration is going to be enough to maintain stable testosterone levels.

  • That’s why people buy Testosterone Cypionate – without too often administration (injections) you maintain stable blood levels of high testosterone in the system.

Increasing testosterone with the help of Testosterone Cypionate or any other version (there are other esters) you get a lot of physical benefits such as increased lean muscle mass, increased endurance, strength, energy and power, decreased body fat and many others. There are psychological benefits that Testosterone offers too.


So you get lots of benefits, and you don’t use it often. Obviously people who buy Testosterone Cypionate and use it properly are very happy as they get amazing benefits. People who buy Testosterone Cypionate are usually doing so for using it during those periods where the objective is to gradually add size.

Where Buy Testosterone Cypionate

I guess is not a big surprise for anyone that is extremely hard for people to buy Testosterone Cypioante through common and traditional methods, such as pharmacies or medical facilities. That’s because of the intense regulations upon such compounds that are restricting its availability to the general public.

Testosterone Cypionate can be purchased at a pharmacy or medical facility, but only with a doctor’s prescription which you won’t obtain for physique and performance enhancement. Even if you do get a prescription somehow, you need to know that usually, the dosage in prescription is way lower compared to the effective dosage required for bodybuilding purposes.

One last thing to mention – Testosterone Cypionate prices in pharmacies are much higher compared to purchasing it from online sources.

Luckily, you can buy Testosterone Cypionate here on


We make sure that each and all of our customers will be happy with the products obtained. We make sure to offer the best shopping experience meaning you don’t need a prescription to buy Testosterone Cypionate and you will buy it of the best quality and for the cheapest possible price.

We’re an online anabolic steroid shop that is a better option / alternative to common and traditional methods of purchasing such medicines as we are offering greater transparency and affordability.

You may also buy Testosterone Cypionate from other online sites too, but we need to warn you that unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers offering Test Cyp and many other anabolic steroid agents for either too high prices (much higher prices you can buy them here on this website) or even worse – low quality and purity.

Testaplex-C-250-Axiolabs Each product you can find here, on this site is containing exactly what is written on the bottle / on the label. Best quality and purity is ensured. You can buy Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate, Propionate and other versions, you are free to buy other chemical as this website is offering a very wide variety of items that you can choose from – all for very low price.

Buying those items and adding them to your regimen (after learning how to properly use them) you are going to notice a huge boost in getting closer to your fitness and performance goals.

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