Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is the first esterified version of Testosterone that was ever manufactured and although is rarely used in medical settings due to availability of other longer versions of Testosterone, is still very famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes.Read more

Testosterone Propionate is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) and the shortest version of esterified testosterone that is most often sold as brand name Testoviron among many other generic trade names.

Testosterone Propionate was discovered lots of years ago in 1936 and is still approved nowadays for various medical uses, mainly for treatment of low testosterone levels in men. Nonetheless, is mostly used by bodybuilders using anabolic steroids.

Testosterone Propionate works the exact same way as any other form of testosterone – synthetic or natural. That’s because it increases the total levels of testosterone. The difference is in the ester, which is short form, therefore must be administered more often.
Testosterone Propionate Half Life
Testosterone Propionate is the first esterified version of synthetic testosterone and therefore the shortest (excluding testosterone suspension that has no ester attached and therefore offers base testosterone’s half life).

According to some sources, Testosterone Propionate has a half life of 3 days, but according to others – its 20 hours.
What is Testosterone Propionate Used For?
Testosterone Propionate (sold as Testoviron among others) is a steroid used for medical uses and for physique and performance enhancement. In fact, is being used for increasing testosterone levels and based on this, the compound is taken accordingly.

Is being used for low testosterone levels in men in medical settings (but because of other longer versions of testosterone – is rarely used). Is also used by bodybuilders because an increased testosterone level usually leads to many beneficial effects for physique and performance enhancement.

When a person has more levels of testosterone, this leads to boosted protein synthesis and nitrogen retention as well as more red blood cell counts including many other beneficial processes boosts for:

Growing muscle mass
Increasing strength levels
Burning body fat
Increasing endurance levels
Offering an overall better appearance of body
Better sexual life
Boosted confidence
And there are many other benefits that testosterone offers to a man

Testosterone Propionate simply enters your system and starts increasing the testosterone. Your body is working according to this. It leads to numerous positive benefits, especially for a man, but too high levels might lead to negative side effects too.
Testosterone Propionate Dosage
Testosterone Propionate is oil based solution that is offering a fairly short half life and that’s why, it must be used via injection intramuscularly on a daily basis. This way, you maintain stable blood levels and get maximum benefits.

Testosterone can be used both in bulking and cutting cycles as is helpful in both. However, usually, short ones like Propionate are used in cutting while long ones are used in bulking. This is why, mostly, Testosterone Propionate is used with cutting steroids (although can be used with bulking ones too). It can be Winstrol, Anavar, Anadrol, Trenbolone or many others.

Testosterone Propionate is usually taken in doses anywhere between 50 mg up to about 150 mg a day which ensures doses between 350 mg and 1000 mg per week. Cycle length is usually no longer than 10 weeks, but most people use cutting cycles of no more than 8 weeks. Most common doses are around 500 mg weekly with added cutting steroids.

Try 100 mg per day of Testosterone Propionate with 50 mg a day of Winstrol for 6 weeks and you would go through an amazing cutting cycle.
Testosterone Propionate Side Effects
Testosterone Propionate does offer negative side effects pretty much as any other given steroid. The side effects are exactly the same as with other testosterone forms and they include:

Hair loss
Oily skin
Water retention
Suppression of testosterone
Cholesterol negative effects
Cardiovascular negative effects

There might be various other negative effects of testosterone. This indicates that you are using too high doses of testosterone and reducing the dosage would help. Using supplements and helpful aids would greatly help reduce the side effects too.

Side effects is a sign that your body cannot tolerate as high doses of testosterone that you administer. Everyone is tolerating different dosages because everyone’s body can handle a certain amount of testosterone.
Where to Buy Testosterone Propionate?
Testosterone Propionate of the highest quality can be purchased for sale directly from the source recommended here on the website. This source gives you the best testosterone propionate steroid you can find and for the lowest price, allowing you to save money.

This famous version of testosterone can be extremely helpful for bodybuilding purposes, use it properly and you can see your muscles grow.


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