Primobolan Side Effects

A lot of people search for information about Primobolan side effects considering that it is a steroid that was “crowned” as one of the safest steroids on the market.


Yet, being an anabolic steroid is quite obvious that it still possesses some side effects. Therefore, you might be wondering what are Primobolan side effects.

Indeed, Primobolan is a steroid that can help you boost your performance and improve your physical appearance with low risks of side effects. That’s why it became such a popular steroid among those who are searching for safer alternatives to those powerful steroids that can help you grow immense muscles but are having a lot of risks.

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Good News About Primobolan Side Effects

Let’s get started with the “lighter” side of Methenolone, then we’re going to talk about the “dark” side of this steroid.


Of course, the best thing about Primobolan is that regardless of what side effects we’re going to discuss below – it is important to remember that they are all milder compared to most other steroids. This is the biggest advantage of Primo. Although some risks are present, they are not as high and the intensity of side effects aren’t as bad.

Except for that, it is good to know that the estrogen related side effects won’t occur with Primobolan. This is a DHT derivative that is not going to aromatize, therefore, gynecomastia, water retention, and other estrogenic issues won’t occur with Methenolone.

  • PS: They might still occur if Primo is stacked with aromatizing steroids.

One more good thing to know is that Primobolan is actually having some aromatase inhibitor properties. It means that when stacked with aromatizing steroids, Primo can help prevent some aromatization.

Lastly, Primobolan won’t cause liver issues. Injectable Methenolone doesn’t pass through your liver so it won’t cause high liver enzymes. Oral Primobolan is not C17 alpha alkylated so it is not going to stress your liver either. But check the “dark” side of oral Primobolan not being a C17AA steroid.

Bad News About Primobolan Side Effects

As mentioned, oral Primo is not C17AA and it means that its bioavailability is lower too. It has to be administered in higher doses to be effective. That’s why, if using oral Primobolan for a long period in higher doses, the risks of it stressing your liver cannot be completely excluded.

The next thing to mention – Methenolone is an anabolic steroid. There’s no anabolic and androgenic steroid that won’t suppress your natural testosterone levels. Primo is not an exception. Therefore, you need to prepare a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each cycle with Primobolan. Especially because Primobolan should be stacked with other steroids for maximum benefits.

That’s another downside of Primo. It shouldn’t be used alone during a cycle. Primobolan shines when it is stacked with at least one more steroid. Testosterone is the most common one. That’s because it works in synergy as a “booster”. It is also commonly a part of a 3 steroid cycle such as Testosterone, Primobolan, and: Masteron, or Anavar, or Winstrol, or Trenbolone. These are mostly cutting steroids as Primo is often seen as a cutting compound.


Androgenic related issues are reported too. As with any other steroid. As usual, the androgen related issues are highly dependent on your genetics. Some common androgenic issues include oily skin, acne, hair loss, and others.

Cardiovascular issues can occur as well. Negative effects on your cholesterol and cardiovascular health might occur.

One more thing to mention – Primobolan is quite an expensive steroid. That’s why it is commonly faked too. You need to make sure to use only the best quality Methenolone for your own sake and, obviously, make sure to avoid overpaying. Again, because it is quite an expensive compound itself.

Women are still at risk of developing masculinizing (virilizing) effects. Be careful with it.



In the end, Primobolan side effects are mostly associated with androgenic activity for both men and women. It may suppress natural testosterone production and cause some cardiovascular problems. But mostly, that’s all only if the product is abused.

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You would have the lowest risks of side effects if you learn to use it correctly thanks to the highest quality Methenolone.

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