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If you’re planning to use anabolic steroids, testosterone is a base in almost any given anabolic steroid cycle. So, you’ve got to learn more about testosterone injections, how to use those injections, the best injection sites, and so on and so forth. In fact, this guide is going to be helpful for any given injectable anabolic steroid.

Regardless if you use testosterone or other injectable steroids – they are all used the same way. The same applies to all versions of testosterone. The ester of testosterone indicates the half-life. Therefore, there is a difference in the frequency of administration. But there’s no difference in how you need to administer the injectable testosterone or whatever other injectable anabolic steroid.

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How to Perform a Self-Administration of Testosterone Injection?

How to Prepare?

What do I need to Know?

The first thing you need to do is understand the concentration of testosterone (or again, whatever other injectable steroids). For example, Testosterone Cypionate commonly comes in a concentration of 200 mg/ml. At the same time, Testosterone Propionate concentration is 100 mg/ml. This means that one full milliliter administered, you’ll get 200 mg of testosterone when running the 200 mg/ml and only 100 mg of testosterone when running the 100 mg/ml version. So, take into account the concentration of testosterone. When you buy testosterone (or whatever other steroid), it is clearly stated the amount of testosterone per ml.

Next thing – make sure to use a sterile needle and syringe. Those that were previously used shouldn’t be reused anymore. Washing them isn’t a good idea either. As soon as you use the needle or syringe – throw them! It’s very important to use sterile needles and syringes when administering testosterone.


Prepare 2 different needles. Testosterone is an oily solution (like many other injectable steroids). The oily solution is viscous and fairly thick. That’s why you’ll need to use a slightly thicker needle than the one you’ll inject for drawing up the solution from the vial. We recommend 2 needles for a single injection, although you can use the same needle. Yet, most choose to run a thicker needle for drawing dosage to easier draw (20-21 gauge) and a thinner needle for injecting to get in less pain (22-23 gauge). Additionally, when pinning through the bottle cap, the needle head might bend a little. So, using 2 needles seems to be a favorable solution.

One more thing – wash your hands carefully with antibacterial soap and enough water. This would reduce the risk of infection. You need to make sure you reduce the risk of infection as much as possible when injecting.

Lastly, follow the guidelines of any other medication. Keep it out of reach of children and animals. Do not share with other people. Always store testosterone injection solutions in the recommended way (temperature, light, dryness, etc.). Never use it if it is past the expiration date on the bottle. Use correct dosages.

Prepare the Solution


Draw the dose from the vial based on the pre-recommended dose. For instance, you need to run 400 mg/week and you want to use testosterone injection twice a week. Then you need 200 mg per pin. If your solution contains 200 mg/ml, then each pin should contain 1 ml. In this scenario, draw up 1 ml of the solution in the syringe (as said, usually, with a thicker needle).

But before you draw the solution, draw air into the syringe. Draw air as the volume you want to draw (for example, 1 ml = 1 ml of air in a syringe). Before inserting the needle through the lid into the solution to draw it up, wipe the top of the bottle with an alcohol wipe to kill bacteria on it. Insert that needle into the solution through the lid with the air inside. Push down the air from the syringe into the vial. By doing so, the internal air pressure in the bottle is going to increase. Thanks to this, it would be much easier for you to draw up the viscous testosterone medication in your syringe. Being a thick solution that is often hard to draw – this would greatly help you.

Turn the bottle upside down (it would make it easier to draw). Draw the exact amount you need. In the example above – 1 ml.


Therefore, you have the solution in your syringe – but that’s not all. You need to aspirate the syringe. Make sure to get out of the syringe any air bubbles through aspiration. Injecting air bubbles into the body could lead to embolism. A serious medical condition!

Aspire the solution by firstly flicking the side of the syringe to get any air bubbles to go to the top. Then, while holding the syringe with the needle pointing up, depress the plunger. This is going to force the air out of the syringe. Make sure your medication doesn’t contain any air bubbles. Depress the plunger until a tiny drop of the solution starts to come out of the syringe. Depress slowly in order to stop pushing when needed. It would help avoid spraying the solution out.

How to Inject?

Choose Your Spot

So, you have the solution ready to inject but before actually injecting – you need to prepare the injection site. Testosterone injections (and other versions of anabolic steroids) are commonly intramuscular. You need to inject these solutions into a muscle. Preferred spots are large muscles. Glutes, deltoids, and quads are common. That’s because they are accessible areas for intramuscular injections so you can easily perform self-administration of testosterone (or whatever other anabolic steroids). There are other areas where you can administer testosterone, but these are the most common places.

Glutes are perhaps the most popular and safest place to avoid hitting a nerve or a blood vessel. Use the top right or top left (depending on what glute you use) of the glute. It’s safe to avoid hitting the nerve.

After you pick up your injection spot – take a sterile pad with alcohol and wipe the entire where you plan to perform the injection. It’s important to wipe it with alcohol to kill the bacteria on your skin. That’s going to prevent infection. It’s essential to avoid infection at all costs!


So, here you go – you are all ready to inject testosterone. Keep the pre-loaded syringe with the proper needle at a 90-degree angle right above the pre-wiped injection site. Quickly plunge the needle into your skin. Yet, instead of depressing the plunger to let the solution enter the muscles, firstly draw it back a little bit. In case there’s blood drawing into the syringe it means that you’ve hit a vein. Remove the needle and go for a different injection site. When you found the perfect one – depress the plunger (insert the solution) at a steady and controlled pace.

After you fully inserted the solution (fully depressed), pull out the needle slowly. As you’re pulling the needle out, press around the injection site. Press it with a pre-prepared sterile cotton swab. That’s going to help you avoid extra pains from pulling because it would prevent the needle that’s coming out to pull the skin.

Taking Care Post Injection

It’s obvious that the injection site might start bleeding after you pull out the syringe. If it does, keep that cotton swab for a while until the bleeding stops, or simply apply a sterile Band-Aid. Make sure you don’t allow any infection to enter the bleeding injection site

Never reuse anything that you already used. Needles, syringes, Band-Aids, cotton swabs, and so on and so forth – all dispose of in proper containers. Experiencing some redness, swelling or discomfort is fairly common among beginners. Their “virgin” muscles are getting used to the effects and injections.

However, if you’re experiencing discomfort and soreness beyond the normal levels at the injection site – there’s a chance you are suffering from allergies. But most commonly – you haven’t followed the proper steps for testosterone injection.

In The End

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  • Best testosterone injection sites: glutes, quads, and delts.
  • Best testosterone injections: Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate, Propionate, and Sustanon.
  • Wipe the testosterone injection site before and after injecting.
  • Make sure everything is 100% sterile and never used before.
  • After fully preparing the syringe for injection – heat up the solution a little bit. Many people report getting lower pains due to heated solutions.

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