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In the category you would find “Injectables” – the anabolic and androgenic steroids that are coming in form of oil or water based solution that is meant for injection, usually, intramuscularly, directly into the muscle, or it can be administered subcutaneously, through the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The injectable steroids are being introduced in the body through the syringe. In case the anabolic steroid is coming as powder, then is being mixed with bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride and is still administered through the injection. But most injectable steroids are coming as oil or water solution ready to be administered.Read more

Injectables are no big differences from orals (injectable vs oral steroids) except for the obvious different form of administration. There are still some little differences such as half life, strength of steroid and few others, yet they do not play a really big role if talking about the same steroid coming either in oral or injectable form.

Yes, there are steroids (same steroid) that can be administered via injection and orally as tablets/ pills/ capsules etc. but not all of them. There are specific steroids that can be administered only through injection, and others only orally.

Both orals and injectables are very popular and widely used, it very much just depends on what type of steroid specifically you choose to use.

On our website, you’re going to find some of the most famous steroids that come only as injection form like for example: various esterified Testosterone forms, Trenbolone, Nandrolone known as Deca Durabolin or Durabolin, Boldenone known as Equipoise and many others. But you can also find injectables coming as both injection and orals: Stanozolol known as Winstrol, Metandienone, Oxymetholone and others.

The advantages of injectable steroids are that they are considered more powerful compared to orals (when talking about those which come in both options) and usually, they are offering longer half life.

In the end, injectable steroids are coming in many different strengths and the dosages are very different for each injectable steroid depending on many factors such as what steroid specifically, personal workout schedule, persons’ size and tolerance and so on and so forth. Different injectable steroids also might require different syringes, where to inject them, how often, dosages etc.

All of this information is displayed on each steroid’s description. Read it carefully and learn, as this is the only way to increase the effectiveness and get maximum benefits as well as to reduce the negative side effects.

Below you will see the full list of injectable steroids that you can find on this site. If there’s one missing, you could write our customer support and we will try our best to offer it. Choose the ones that would work best for your own needs.

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