Anavar Cycle

Oxandrolone is the substance in brand Anavar (shortly called Var). You could find it being sold as numerous other brands, but Anavar remains the most popular brand.

Generally, this is an extremely popular anabolic steroid for those searching for physique and performance enhancement. Is often considered one of the safest steroids for beginners, but is still widely used among professionals. That’s because the steroid is mild and effective. Anavar doesn’t cause nasty side effects but helps with significant fat loss and noticeable lean muscle mass.

When used properly, Anavar rarely offers side effects both in beginners and professionals as well as both in men and women. That’s why Anavar (Oxandrolone) is still an FDA approved drug.

Anavar Profile

Before you learn more about the Anavar cycle, you should know some basic information about it.


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For example, it has a half life of about 9-10 hours as it comes only in the form of oral tablets. That’s why the total daily dosage should be split into at least 2 even doses administered throughout the day.

Also, it is important to know that Anavar – Oxandrolone doesn’t aromatize into estrogen. That’s why you won’t need estrogenic protection during the Anavar cycle.

However, oral anabolic steroids are hepatotoxic. That’s why it is not recommended to have a longer Anavar cycle longer than 8 weeks.

Anavar remains pretty safe for women in terms of masculinizing effects. That’s why it is the most popular steroid for women. Nonetheless, it is not absolutely safe. That’s why the Anavar cycle for women shouldn’t get over 6 weeks and doses are way lower compared to those of men.

  • It is such an effective product because it has a favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio. It is much more anabolic and much less androgenic than testosterone. While not aromatizing.

It helps grow muscles and burn fat alongside gaining strength without nasty side effects.

Solo Anavar Cycle

An Anavar-only cycle is pretty common among those who want to avoid side effects while running steroids for their performance enhancement needs. That’s because Anavar has a high safety profile and remains pretty effective.


An example of an Anavar-only cycle for those who never used steroids is:

The dosage is about 20-30 mg a day for a period of 6 weeks.

Those who have already used Anavar previously:

May increase the dosage to 30-50 mg a day and use it for about 8 weeks.

  • During the cycle, you’re going to need liver protection. Also, obviously, proper training schedule and diet. A PCT plan is important. That’s because although Anavar is mild – it is still going to suppress natural testosterone production.

Female Anavar Cycle

Women shouldn’t use Anavar in dosages higher than 20 mg a day. Or for longer than 6 weeks.

In fact, 20 mg a day for 6 weeks is only recommended to professional women who previously used it. And that’s mostly a bulking cycle to help them gain muscle mass.

Those searching for cutting or beginners better start off at 10 mg or even 5 mg a day. 15 mg daily is the maximum that most women need. 4 weeks cycle length is recommended for beginners.


Advanced Anavar Cycle

People who do have a bit of experience with Anavar rarely use it alone. Most commonly is stacked with other steroids. Usually with a testosterone base steroid. Or is also sometimes used with Winstrol for a cutting cycle.

  • PS: Women also sometimes stack Anavar with Winstrol. While this does increase the benefits of the cycle, it may greatly increase the risks of virilizing side effects too.

Example of Anavar cycles:

  • Test Prop for 8 weeks EOD 100 mg with Anavar 50 mg a day for 8 weeks
  • Test Enanthate or Cypionate for 12 weeks 500 mg weekly with last 8 weeks Anavar 50 mg daily
  • Winstrol 30 mg a day and Anavar 50 mg a day for 6 or a maximum of 8 weeks

Professionals using the Anavar cycle run it based on their experience and what works best for them.

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Remember that Anavar cycle examples, dosages, stacks, etc. can be adjusted upon your needs. But we highly recommend avoiding abuse of any form.

Also, it is important to know that Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the most counterfeit steroids out there. That’s because this is one of the most popular and at the same time most expensive steroids.

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