Anavar Side Effects

There’s an extremely popular anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) for fitness purposes called Anavar.

This compound is so popular because it is extremely easy to use and can be used by most people for physique and performance enhancement. Anavar containing Oxandrolone comes in the form of oral pills and so it can be administered effortlessly. Additionally, Anavar does a great job in growing muscles, gaining strength, and burning body fat. And lastly, it is a mild compound meaning that is not going to offer as nasty side effects as other steroids.

anavar-25-oxandrolone-odin-pharma With this being said, Anavar is great for cutting but can be used for bulking too. It is a great compound for beginners but is often used by professionals. Lastly, it is the most widely used steroid among women for fitness purposes but is extremely popular for men too.

All because of the high safety profile of Anavar and high efficiency.

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Nonetheless, this shouldn’t confuse you. It definitely doesn’t mean that Anavar is all safe and doesn’t have side effects. This remains an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is likely to offer side effects if not used properly. So, if you plan to use Anavar – Oxandrolone, better read more about the side effects. This way, you would know what to expect. Informed means armed.

Info About Anavar Side Effects

You are making a big mistake thinking that Anavar doesn’t have any adverse negative effects. All steroids have side effects, even including Oxandrolone. The reason why Anavar is considered safer is that the side effects of Anavar won’t be as bad compared to the side effects of most other steroids.

But in the end, people are responding differently to different compounds. While some people may respond well to the effects of Oxandrolone, others may not.

In the end, Anavar side effects greatly depend on various factors. The dosage administered, experience, personal response, for how long you run it, age, gender, weight, whether you use anything else with it and many other factors play a role. These factors determine the severity and frequency of side effects appearance.


What Are Anavar Side Effects?

Below you’ll find some of the most common side effects people report from using Anavar.


This Anavar side effect is specific to women only. That’s because this is a process of turning a woman into a man. When a woman develops manly features. There are various different masculinization side effects a woman should be aware of. But Anavar is the most popular steroid for women. That’s because it is the steroid with the least chances of virilization.

Low Natural Testosterone

This side effect is specific to men. That’s because Oxandrolone, like any other steroid, suppresses natural testosterone production. Men using Anavar might notice low testosterone symptoms during a cycle. That’s why it is recommended to use Testosterone with Anavar and to have a PCT plan.

Cholesterol Issues

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a steroid known to negatively affect your cholesterol. Pretty much all steroids are causing cholesterol issues. That’s why it is important to keep a cholesterol friendly diet and have regular cardio exercises. Omega fish oils may help deal with this problem too.


Liver Issues

As mentioned, Anavar is an orally active steroid. Therefore, this compound is C17 alpha alkylated that allows oral administration. If it wouldn’t be – the compound couldn’t survive passing through the liver. Thanks to C17AA, it has high bioactivity when used as oral pills. Nevertheless, this causes liver strain. Compared to most other oral steroids, Anavar is much less liver damaging. However, prolonged use or high doses might lead to liver damage. It is not recommended to people with already existing liver issues.

Androgen Issues

Oxandrolone is only slightly androgenic and that’s why androgen related side effects such as acne, hair loss, and aggression are not very common. Nonetheless, they are still possible.

Other Anavar Side Effects

There are various other possible side effects as the compound affects people differently. Nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, increased or decreased appetite, etc. are only some examples of possible Anavar side effects.

To avoid even more or nastier side effects from using Anavar, make sure to buy the best quality Oxandrolone.

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