Winstrol Tablets

For a lot of years now, Winstrol steroid has proven to be extremely helpful for physique and performance enhancement purposes. It was used with great success in various different sports since its first apparition back in 1960s and was proven to be super effective.

Winstrol is just the brand name – it can be found as many other brand names too, but the main active ingredient is Stanozolol. Winstrol is just the first and most famous brand for Stanozolol. But this compound has been super famous among bodybuilders, athletes and sportsmen in various sport fields such as swimmers, fighters, runners and many others.

Winstrol seem to be the most detected steroid in doping tests compared to all other steroids and that’s because everyone is searching to use Winstrol tablets before a contest or show. That’s because the compound is highly effective and is considered one of the best things to use before show or contest.


  • This is because Winstrol tablets are extremely effective at burning body fat, growing lean muscle mass that is all lean and dry, increasing stamina and energy, speed and endurance as well as to make you much more powerful. In short, the use of Stanozolol has made athletes way much stronger, faster and enduring than they ever were. And best news is that with Stanozolol, you are capable to notice crazy results in a very short period of time too.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) comes in form of pills as well as in form of injections.

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Winstrol Tablets and Winstrol Depot are both the exact same thing – Stanozolol with the only difference is the method of administration and the half life. Winstrol tablets have a shorter half life of 9 hours compared to injectable version with half life of 24 hours.

Other than that, there are no differences at all. That’s why injections are used in veterinary settings for animals whilst people choose pills. Is quite obvious that athletes and bodybuilders also choose pills over injections.

  • NOTE! There are some athletes who prefer injections saying that is safer / more effective than Winny pills. Yet, that’s just a theory that cannot be proven by facts. The only evidence is the words of some people who said they used both injections and pills and they suggest that injections are more powerful.

Nonetheless, Winstrol tablets still remain by far the most widely used form of Stanozolol.


Advantages of Winstrol Tablets

  • The fact that Winstrol tablets come as tablets is already an advantage for most people. That’s because there are lots of them who do not want to inject with anything for increasing strength and overall endurance levels.
  • Winstrol tablets are super effective at removing the excess of water retention and burn body fat offering a way more toned bone appearance. Winstrol is offering quality results if used properly in the 4-6 weeks cycle length.

The Winstrol tablets are very often stacked with other steroids and most common doses are in the range of 30-70 mg a day.

The effectiveness of Winny tablets depends from a person to another, depending on different factors. Yet, we recommend to use it properly as you would receive huge results in terms of making you appear way much better physically and performing better too with overall boost in your mental abilities too.

  • Winstrol Tablets do not require any specific storage instructions or administration instructions.
  • Winstrol Tablets are pretty cheap, cheaper than, for example, Anavar.


Disadvantages Winstrol Tablets

  • The main and biggest disadvantage of Winstrol tablets (but same applies to Winstrol injectable and almost all other orally active steroids) – they are very liver toxic. The compound passes through the liver and is not destroyed, but increases liver enzymes.
  • Other disadvantages of Winstrol tablets include: dry/ painful joints and ligaments, may offer heart and blood pressure issues as well negative impact on cholesterol.

Winny pills shouldn’t be administered by people with already pre existent health issues or by those who do not workout and have a proper workout regimen.

  • Another disadvantage is that Winstrol tablets are widely faked by many scammers.


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