Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is considered by many the “king of bulking steroids” and we can’t say that they are wrong. The compound has been rightfully being called this way because of its exceptional ability to add size and pack on muscle mass. The compound is perfect for hard gainers and for those who want to gain strength.

  • You may have heard of people adding 100 pounds to their bench press and adding 30 pounds of muscles, which seems unreal. But yeah, that’s actually possible with the Anadrol cycle.

However, this comes with a price. Anadrol is a very powerful oral steroid, so your liver would be taxed. Additionally, it has estrogenic side effects that are hard to control.

That’s because Anadrol – Oxymetholone is DHT derived (Dihydrotestosterone). It doesn’t aromatize into estrogen. Yet, it still somehow upregulates estrogen by directly binding to the estrogen receptors. This makes estrogen issues almost impossible to control.

So, if you want to get big and completely change your physique, Anadrol might sound perfect. But since it is one of the strongest oral steroids, it is also capable of offering nasty side effects. That’s why we highly recommend you to be very careful with it.

What is Anadrol?


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Anadrol is an anabolic and androgenic steroid. It is often called Anadrol 50. The 50 stands for the dosage as it mostly comes as 50 mg per tablet. There is injectable Oxymetholone (the active substance in Anadrol) but it is highly unpopular compared to Anadrol tablets.

You may have heard of Anadrol 50 as Adrol, Abomb, A50, Anapolon, and numerous other trade names available with Oxymetholone.

The compound is still approved by the USA FDA for the treatment of HIV-wasting and other health conditions. Anadrol became popular in bodybuilding due to its amazing ability to pack on muscle mass and help boost strength really fast.

The Anabolic: Androgenic Ratio of Anadrol is 320: 45 and the Half-Life is 8-10 hours.

How To Use Anadrol?

It was previously mentioned that Anadrol (Oxymetholone) comes in the form of oral tablets – by far the most popular form of administration. Injectable Anadrol is available but does not have advantages over pills, so it is unpopular.

Oxymetholone is liver toxic, so due to its hepatic effect, you need to keep cycle length short. Also, by watching out for the dosage, you’ll control the side effects.

When using a proper Anadrol dosage, you’ll be amazed by the effects it can offer. Mostly, Anadrol is used as a kickstarter for a bulking cycle or during a blast & cruise.


Anadrol Dosage

The dosage of Anadrol ranges between 25 mg and 100 mg a day. But almost everyone stops at 50 mg/day as is the best balance between benefits and side effects.

Once a day administration seems to be enough, but to maintain stable blood levels, many people split up the dosage twice a day.

  • In a few days of starting the Anadrol cycle, you’ll notice getting bigger and stronger.

Anadrol Cycle

The Anadrol cycle shouldn’t be longer than 6 weeks. Your liver would suffer during the use of this compound. Also, run liver protection supplements during the cycle.

Do not run Anadrol only cycle. We highly recommend running it with Testosterone. Moreover, we highly recommend avoiding the use of other oral steroids (or anything else damaging your liver).

Stack Anadrol with Testosterone. The addition of other injectables is up to your discretion. Usually, other bulking compounds are added. Most commonly that’s Deca Durabolin and/or Trenbolone. But a combination of Anadrol with Trenbolone (and Testosterone since is important) is extremely powerful. These are some of the most powerful steroids you can use. Now imagine stacking them together.

Keep in mind that all steroid cycles should be followed by Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to help recover the natural hormonal balance. Obviously, you would need PCT after the Anadrol cycle.


Anadrol Side Effects

Except for the common side effects of steroids that Anadrol obviously can offer, there is not much we can say. The difference is that Anadrol is very powerful, so side effects are more likely to appear. Plus they are likely to be harsher.

  • Virilizing for women
  • Testosterone suppression for men
  • Androgen related issues for men

These are fairly common. But it is also likely to cause estrogenic issues like water retention and gynecomastia. Both genders may suffer from:

  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Headaches
  • Appetite loss or increase
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach issues
  • And others

But the worst Anadrol issue is considered liver toxicity. Make sure you do everything required to protect your liver.


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