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Anadrol is the trademark of the chemical name Oxymetholone. The compound can be found as other brand names, yet Anadrol 50 is the most famous brand of Oxymetholone and that’s how everyone calls it. Oxymetholone (sold as Anadrol) was originally made for treating anemia because the anabolic steroid was discovered to be very effective at boosting the production of red blood cells.

With time, the compound was discovered to be very effective for people who are suffering from severe weight loss issues after surgery, trauma etc., is helpful for people suffering from osteoporosis, breast cancer and many other needs.

  • It didn’t require too much time until bodybuilders discovered that Anadrol is an extremely helpful steroid for their needs as it aids the muscle building process in the time that would also help to burn body fat, therefore display a better body appearance and generally to enhance performance.anadroxyl-anadrol-kalpa-e1580208048927

Anadrol is generally an extremely powerful steroid, is considered among the strongest oral steroids that you can find, offering an anabolic activity more than 3 times of that of testosterone and a low androgenic activity. Oxymetholone is DHT derived and therefore it cannot aromatize, nonetheless, it’s structure still stimulates estrogen receptors, ultimately offering a high estrogenic activity.

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Doing a bit of research people may find out that Anadrol is helping users to gain strength and build muscles 2 times faster and more than any other steroid. That’s right, even when talking about Dianabol (Dbol).

Milligram per milligram, Anadrol is considered twice the potency of Dianabol so is obvious that you would gain faster and would become more muscular and stronger.

This compound is having the ability to boost protein synthesis, create perfect anabolic environment in your body, all with nitrogen retention and increased red blood cells you’re going to notice a faster recovery after each intense training session, becoming way stronger (that’s why is one of the favorite steroids for weightlifters and strongmen) and adding a good amount of muscles to your frame (that’s why is one of the favorites to bodybuilders.

With this being said, a lot of people may wonder about Anadrol reviews in order to check if that’s all true.


Anadrol Reviews Explained

By doing a bit of research on Anadrol reviews you would notice that most of the reviews are positive. There are all sorts of people (from gym rats to absolute professionals) who used Anadrol – Oxymetholone and they received amazing benefits and results.

According to those reviews, you may notice that a lot of people indeed gained a huge amount of muscles and they became much stronger. Here is a photo of a person who used Anadrol and you can check what kind of results he obtained:

As much as we can see, with such results, is obvious that reviews are positive. The results from Anadrol appear within the first week, and by the third week you’re going to notice huge results.


Nonetheless, some more research may reveal that there are negative Anadrol reviews either. That’s because the users either got a fake compound or didn’t used it properly.

There are rare cases when the steroid is not suitable/ tolerable by a specific person due to genetics, but that’s very rarely.

Most negative Anadrol reviews come from people who didn’t obtained a real Anadrol or abused it. You’ve got to learn how to use Anadrol before actually using it, otherwise, such a powerful steroid is obviously capable to offer negative side effects which leads people to write negative reviews.

  • The Anadrol dosage should not ever exceed 50 to 100 mg a day and the cycle should not be any longer than 4 to 6 weeks.

Some people got to 8 weeks which is not recommended because the risks of liver issues increase.HB-Oxymetholone-new

Many people also suggest that gains disappear after you stop the usage which is completely wrong. They disappear if you’re not going through a proper PCT plan and if you’re stopping working out completely. Plus to that, all Anadrol side effects can be controlled, you just need to learn how.

Learn how to properly use Anadrol and buy best quality Anadrol from this website in order to save money. By following these rules, you’re definitely going to be among those people who share positive Anadrol reviews.

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