Anadrol 50 Cycles

There’s a very high chance that you have heard how amazingly impressive the compound Anadrol may work when talking about bodybuilding. The anabolic steroid is super beneficial for athletes, bodybuilders and any other sportsmen who need to become more powerful and add some size. The product is highly improving protein synthesis, red blood cell count and that’s all leading to considerable gains in the body mass.

HB-Oxymetholone-new Anadrol 50 is considered the perfect compound when talking bulking cycles. That’s why Anadrol 50 cycles are usually those where the main goal is to add as much muscles as is possible and this compound is going to make sure that you are going to see these effects as fast as possible.

Anadrol 50 cycles are perfect for building muscle mass and that’s all thanks to its unique structural changes. The compound greatly helps users to receive mind blowing results for quick boost in energy levels, increase in muscle mass, overall weight gain and various other benefits.

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Nonetheless, is important to remember that in case you’re going to run improper Anadrol 50 cycles you’re going to find the compound one of the worst things on the planet. That’s because Anadrol is extremely powerful, if you’re going to use it improperly, such a powerful steroid is definitely capable to offer side effects. It all depends on how you’re going to run the Anadrol 50 cycles, that’s why is so good to learn about them before actually using the product.

How to Run Anadrol?

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is mostly popular coming as tablets. Mostly one Anadrol tablet comes in strength of 50 mg of Oxymetholone and that’s the reason why is mostly called Anadrol 50.

This is one of the most powerful orally active steroids that you can find on the market so make sure to use it carefully.

  • The ideal dosages of Anadrol 50 vary from a person to another, but is anywhere between 25 mg a day and about 100 mg a day.
  • The sweet spot of Anadrol for most bodybuilders is 50 mg a day.
  • Some bodybuilders go up to doses of 150 mg a day, but that’s an extremely high dosage that is not recommended.
  • Especially because there is little to no extra benefits compared to 100 mg a day, but the side effects greatly increase.

Due to half life of Anadrol of approximately 8 hours, the pills are used at least 2 times throughout the day (split total daily dose).


Anadrol 50 Cycles and Stacks

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is believed to work best with an injectable and slow acting anabolic steroid in order to receive crazy muscle mass gains. Is not very recommended to add another orally active steroid to Anadrol 50 cycles because the compound is already very hepatotoxic – you would want to avoid extra liver stress. That’s why injectables are a very good idea.

Anadrol 50 cycles should be over 8 weeks, but we actually recommend to stop at 4-6 weeks in order to have least liver stress possible.

When Anadrol 50 is added to cycles, is most often used as a kick starter for that cycle, but is also sometimes used in the middle of a cycle in order to continue growing further after the individual hit the plateau and does not see any further progress. It can also be used at the end of the cycle with great success too.

Absolutely all Anadrol 50 cycles are bulking and are wet in nature. That’s why you can expect some water retention and other estrogenic related effects.


Here’s is one of the most popular and widely used Anadrol 50 Cycle:


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