Oral Steroids

Orals are being called those steroids that are being administered orally by mouth as the steroids are coming in form of pills, tablets or capsules. The oral steroids are pretty much the same as injectable steroids except for their administration form. However, not all injectable steroids are coming in form of oral tablets and vice versa – not all orals can be administered through an injection. Nonetheless, a lot of steroids are having injectable and oral analogues and people are free to choose which of them to use based on various different factors. Read more

The oral steroids are administered orally by mouth being swallowed whole with enough water (usually a full glass of water), however there are cases when people are cutting the pills or tablets in 2 or more parts for receiving less dosages of the steroid. Nonetheless, before actually cutting a pill/ tablet, make sure that you can do so because a lot of them shouldn’t be cut.
Many people prefer oral steroids to the injectable ones due to the fact that they are much easier to administer taking in consideration that many people do not want to inject themselves with syringes but simply swallow a tablet. There are various advantages and disadvantages of oral steroids compared to the injectable ones.

For example, usually, injectable steroids are having a much longer half life so they should be administered much less frequently. In the same time, the oral steroids are easier used so many people don’t really care how often they should use orals as long as you don’t do anything else than just swallowing them.

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