Metribolone, that is also being called Methyltrienolone (both are active substances, chemical names) is an extremely potent orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that was created many years ago in 60’s.

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What is Metribolone?

Metribolone, that is also being called Methyltrienolone (both are active substances, chemical names) is an extremely potent orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that was created many years ago in 60’s.

The compound was created and used for advanced breast cancer, but soon later it was stopped from being used in medical settings due to the fact that it was considered too harsh in terms of side effects. It was said to be especially bad on the liver.

Now, Metribolone is used only as a research drug, as it doesn’t have any medical uses. However, the compound was used by bodybuilders and athletes who were using steroids and they found out to be helpful for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Nonetheless, Metribolone never got as famous as other steroids because is quite a rare steroid and as mentioned, pretty harsh in terms of side effects.

What is Methyltrienolone Used For?

Methyltrienolone also known as Metribolone, as mentioned, is not having any medical uses and therefore is not used for treating any medical conditions. Instead, the compound is used for research purposes and is also used in bodybuilding settings (although rarely) for increasing physique and performance.

Methyltrienolone got a bit more popular back in 2008 when it was involved in a scandal of Beijing Olympic Games when Greek sportsmen were cough using it. But is still not as famous as other steroids.

Methyltrienolone’s amazing part is that it cannot convert into estrogen because it does not aromatize. This means, that users are capable to gain extreme amounts of muscle mass and strength, without puffy look, water retention, gynecomastia, bloating and so on and so forth.

The compound is binding very well to all tissues and it offers unique properties because, on paper, Metribolone is considered to be hundreds of times the power of testosterone. You need to know that not all things written on the paper are the same when putting it in practice, but the fact that this is an extremely powerful steroid that’s true.

It may seem to be like an extremely helpful steroid when looking at these facts, nonetheless, there’s the huge problem – liver toxicity. Methyltrienolone is considered to be one of the harshest oral steroid that you can ever use – extremely hepatotoxic. Using it would be as if you’re combining 2 or maybe even 3 of the harshest oral steroids that you can find available on the market.

How To Take Metribolone? Methyltrienolone Dosage

Specifically because of the extreme liver toxicity – Metribolone known as Methyltrienolone should be taken extremely carefully in very low dosages, if you plan to use it in the first place.

The compound shouldn’t be used by most people. The compound should be used only if you’re having enough knowledge on steroids, experience with them, and learning a lot about this specific steroid because actually using it. You need to understand the risks.

For example, if you’re going to try to use doses specific to other orally active steroids such as 50 mg a day with Methyltrienolone you will damage your liver extremely bad. Such doses are unthinkable.

You need to use very low dosages of 0.5 mg a day to maximum 5 mg a day (5 mg only if you’re a pro and you’ve used this compound before). Needless to say, cycle lengths should be extremely short. Do not even think about using it more than 4 weeks. But we say that 3 weeks is going to be even better for you.

Double up the dosage of liver protective supplement and avoid absolutely anything else that can damage your liver such as other steroids, OTC drugs, alcohol etc.

Metribolone (Methyltrienolone) Side Effects

Once again, Methyltrienolone or Metribolone does offer negative side effects and they can be very harsh and nasty. As said, this is one of the biggest reasons why this steroid is not as popular as other steroids, despite being extremely powerful and could be very helpful for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Due to its harshness, is extremely recommended to use very low doses and for very short time, for avoiding the harsh side effects, especially when it comes to liver, because, as said, the worst side effect of Methyltrienolone is liver toxicity.

It does offer all the other common negative side effects of other steroids such as virilization for women, suppression for men, androgenic negative side effects etc.

Plus to that, as said, it cannot offer estrogenic side effects, but is believed that you could get progestin related side effects since Metribolone increases the progestin levels.

Where to Buy Metribolone on Sale?

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You save money while getting this pretty rare steroid, and in addition to that, you would ensure the lowest side effects possible of this steroid which is very important, since the side effects already can be pretty bad.


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