Is Dianabol Safe to Use

Dianabol is the most famous androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) used for growing lean muscle mass and generally for enhancement of performance and physical appearance.

Doing at least a bit of research of the most helpful and effective steroids for such needs, you would definitely notice Dianabol among other steroids.

But when people search for steroids to get their performance to the next level and get a better body appearance, they often wonder whether are those compounds safe to administer.

With this being said, is quite obvious that the question “Is Dianabol safe to use?” is very famous, one of the most commonly asked question regarding Dianabol (often shortly called Dbol).

The simple answer is YES but only as long as you know how to administer it.

The answer to that question very well can be NO in case you don’t know how to use it properly, or the compound is simply not suitable for you.

Taken in consideration that the compound is so widely used all over the world and is so popular nowadays, especially about professional sportsmen like bodybuilders, powerlifters and other athletes, is obviously that Dianabol is safe to use.


But you need to make sure that you would make it be safe. For example, Dianabol is safe to use for those people who do not have pre existent health issues, are working out regularly, having a healthy diet and know how to use it properly.

But Dianabol definitely won’t be safe for people with some specific health issues, or for those who would attempt an abuse.

What we Need to Know about Dianabol Steroid?

Dianabol (Dbol) is just the brand / trade name, you could find this steroid being sold as many other trade names. What’s important is to have a real and high quality of active substance (chemical name) which is Methandienone also known as Methandrostenolone.

This is an orally active medication that is coming in form of pills. That’s good because is easy to administer, but is bad because is C17 alpha alkylated (which allows the steroid to survive when passing through the liver) and that’s resulting in liver damage.

In order to make Dianabol safe for your liver, is important not to have already existent liver issues, is important to add liver protective compounds, is important not to add other substances with Dbol that can damage your liver such as alcohol in excessive amounts or OTC medications and is important to have a low dosage and short cycle length.


  • Dianabol cycle is maximum 8 weeks, but we recommend a maximum of 6 weeks.
  • Dianabol dosage is maximum 80 mg a day, but we recommend a maximum of 50 mg a day.

The higher the dosage and the longer Dianabol cycle – the more hepatotoxic it gets and the more side effects are possible to occur.


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-> Dianabol, being an anabolic steroid, is suppressing testosterone production. For this side effect, you need to prepare a good PCT plan after each Dianabol cycle (and any other steroid cycle).

-> Dianabol is also very aromatizable, this means that estrogen related side effects are very possible. Water retention, gynecomastia and hypertension are only a few to name. Adding aromatase inhibitors to your Dianabol cycle would greatly help with such side effects.

-> In addition to that, Dbol is less androgenic than testosterone so such side effects are less likely to occur, but they still might. Some examples include: aggression, hair loss, excessive growth of hair on face and body including others.

-> Women are very likely to experience virilization side effects. That’s the process of masculinization when a woman is basically turned into a man. With time, a woman would start feeling, thinking, behaving and looking like a man.

Dianabol Conclusion

Is Dianabol Safe to Use? Is a question that requires some background knowledge on the compound to offer an exact answer and in addition to that, the answer may greatly vary from a person to another.

It very much depends on various factors such as personal experience, personal goals and tolerance, the dosage and cycle lengths, the workout regime, your diet, health condition and many others.


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