What Does Anastrozole Do To Your Body

What Does Anastrozole Do To Your Body?

Anastrozole is a very famous product all over the world for various purposes and many people seem to administer the compound just “because” but we all know that there is something far beyond that. That’s why, there seem to be a lot of people who are wondering:

“What does Anastrozole do to your body?”

The very simple answer is: Anastrozole is lowering the total amount of estrogen in your body. That is what Anastrozole does to your body.

The compound is working this way by binding to the aromatase enzymes and by doing so, it inhibits the process of aromatization. That’s why Anastrozole is considered an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) among other notable AIs such as Letrozole sold mostly as Femara and Exemestane sold mostly as Aromasin.


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Anastrozole seems to be the most famous AI and is mostly sold as Arimidex, but you may find the compound as various different trade names, many of which you can find directly on this website at MadCowboy.com.

So, in case you need a compound that is going to lower the total estrogen levels – you may buy Anastrozole from this website as trade name Arimidex or any other and you can be sure you are going to get the best and highest quality Anastrozole compound.

In the end, Anastrozole is the product that is used for dealing with estrogen related side effects when too much estrogen is the main issue. There are various situations when a person may require an anti estrogen medication and since Anastrozole is considered one of the best AI out there, is obviously one of the most famous and widely used one.

It could serve for good purpose both for men and women. The compound is actually approved for medical uses only for women suffering from hormonally positive breast cancer. The breast cancer that requires estrogen to form and grow. That’s why Anastrozole is given. It lowers the estrogen in the body and this is going to lead to treatment of breast cancer.

However, men may put the product to good use too. For example, if a man is suffering from gynecomastia, Anastrozole can greatly help. Since it lowers the estrogen levels in the body, the compound can be a good solution for men with gynecomastia.


  • NOTE! If gynecomastia is in too bad condition for too much time, no medications would help – a surgery is going to be required.

Anastrozole is generally an amazing compound for men using anabolic steroids – aromatized anabolic steroids that convert into estrogen. By using those steroids, people are gaining huge amounts of muscle mass increasing weight and size.

The problem is that men are at very high risks of increasing estrogen too much and that may lead to bad side effects.


That’s why men using such steroids are adding Arimidex to their cycles. It allows them to continue using those anabolic steroids and keep getting huge and big without getting estrogen related side effects. That’s because Anastrozole is working the exact same way for everyone – both men and women, regardless of why you require the compound.

It works by binding to the aromatase enzymes, therefore inhibiting the process of aromatization. Estrogen forms through the process of aromatization and when it gets inhibited – the total amount of estrogen floating in the body is dramatically reduced.

That’s why, regardless if you’re a man or a woman, regardless what is your reason for lowering estrogen – go for Arimidex (Anastrozole) if you need something super helpful for lowering the estrogen levels.

arimidex-1-mg-maha IMPORTANT! Men who add this product to their steroid cycle need to control the estrogen and keep it in normal range. Do not attempt a complete elimination of estrogen because this is a powerful aromatase inhibitor which may lead to it and without enough estrogen that’s going to lead to nasty side effects.

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