Superdrol Dose

Superdrol is the Superman’s steroid. Or at least that’s what people consider after having some experience with it. This is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid that is super popular due to amazing benefits that users obtain after a single Superdrol cycle.

  • Superdrol is the nickname of the steroid, shortly – Super Anadrol. Yet, those familiar with Anadrol know how immensely powerful the steroid is. Now imagine something even more powerful than that – that’s Superdrol. No wonder the compound is so popular and so immensely beneficial.

The active ingredient name is Methyldrostanolone (also known as Methasterone) and that’s the ingredient that would buff you up extremely fast and extremely efficiently.


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Nonetheless, do not forget that since is such a powerful compound, side effects are very possible too. Due to harsh side effects many people do not administer Superdrol at all, yet those who want to go through the ultimate bulking cycle – use Superdrol.

  • The compound is just an amazing bulking steroid, bodybuilders are gaining huge muscle that are hard and dry without any bloating or water retention, that’s because Superdrol cannot aromatize and hence has no estrogenic related side effects.
  • But on the other hand, Superdrol has some other serious side effects, especially when talking about cholesterol, cardiovascular and liver toxicity negative effects.

That’s why is so important to learn about Superdrol dosage as much as possible. Based on the doses of Superdrol you administer – you may get benefits and stay away from side effects. There are obviously other factors that come at play, yet Superdrol dose is most important.


Superdrol Dose Explained

In most situations, a Superdrol dose for absolutely beginners start at 10 mg a day, yet some people starts right off with 20 mg a day.

Superdrol dosage of 40 mg a day is the absolutely maximum that it should be administered.

In fact, a cycle with Superdrol dose of 40 mg a day is way too much for most people. Only professionals can go for such doses and they usually run it for only 4 weeks.

Most commonly, doses are 20-30 mg a day of Superdrol.

Even 30 mg a day could offer side effects. As much as we can notice, even tiny doses of this powerful steroid is capable to offer side effects and that’s why you’ve got to stay away from increased doses without experience and knowledge.

Superdrol is rarely used alone.

We do not recommend to use it alone because it would highly suppress your natural testosterone production. Therefore, the addition of a testosterone base steroid is very important.

A Superdrol stack with only 10 mg a day dose is still going to be very helpful. That’s why most people go for 20 mg a day Superdrol dose stacked with a testosterone base and usually a third steroid is added to the cycle.

Which steroid exactly greatly depends on your goals and your needs. It could be Clenbuterol for ultimate cutting cycle, or Nandrolone (Deca) for bulking cycles.


In the end, Superdrol dosage is between 10 mg and maximum 40 mg a day. Cycle length is between 4-6 weeks.

Some people go for 8 weeks, but we do not recommend it. Only maybe if you use 10 mg a day and you do have a bit of experience with it.

Superdrol Benefits Vs Side Effects

Is important to understand that how helpful the compound is going to be and how many side effects is going to offer greatly depends on various factors but Superdrol dose is the biggest factor that plays a role here.

Superdrol can make you add a lot of lean muscle and grow in size, with overall boost in strength and superdrol-10-maha-e1554730262820 performance, but it could offer nasty side effects and even damage your health when talking about liver issues, cardiovascular issues etc.

Make sure to run Superdrol properly if you’re worried about side effects and want to get maximum benefits.

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