Superdrol Cycles

Superdrol is a famous anabolic steroid because is an extremely powerful one that is capable to offer crazy results when used properly for physique and performance enhancement. Being an orally active steroid that is easy to administer and is considered one of the most powerful orally active steroidsthe compound is super effective at growing lean muscle mass and improving strength levels.

But on the other hand, Superdrol is also known to be pretty dangerous in terms of side effects when not being used properly.

We all know that the more powerful a steroid is – the more and more pronounced both the benefits as well as the side effects gets. Taken in consideration that Superdrol is one of the most powerful orally active steroids that you can find on the market – we can assume that is one of the most helpful and one of the most dangerous one too.

Luckily, people can get a lot of help in terms of physique and performance enhancement from Superdrol while not receiving the bad side effects. This depends on various factors, but mainly – on Superdrol cycles.

What I’m trying to say is that a Superdrol cycle is what can greatly help you grow insane amounts of muscles but it also may damage your health.

By mentioning the “Superdrol cycle” we try to say that there are various different factors that come at play. For example, Superdrol dosage is extremely important. But Superdrol cycle length also should be taken in consideration.

Other than that, in a Superdrol cycle you should pay a very close attention to the diet that you have as well as the work out regime. Without a proper diet and without properly working out, there’s no point in administering anabolic steroids in the first place.


We also need to mention that is very recommended all Superdrol cycles to be accompanied with some supplements. For example, liver protective compounds are highly recommended taken in consideration that Superdrol is highly hepatotoxic.

  • There are certain restrictions and certain recommendations that should be followed for receiving the best Superdrol cycle that you can, with maximum benefits and minimal side effects.

Superdrol Dosage

Superdrol is having a half life of about 8 hours. Better said, its active substance – Methasterone (Methyldrostanolone). This is an orally active steroid that should be taken orally as tablets. Due to pretty short half life, is highly recommended to administer Superdrol multiple times a day. This would offer stable blood levels of the steroid and that’s what would result in high potency and crazy results.

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  • Most people use it either twice or thrice a day. The daily dosage is split into 2 or 3 even dosages taken throughout the day.

Superdrol dosage for beginners is 10-20 mg a day. Superdrol dosage for advanced users is 20-30 mg a day. Only professionals should attempt dosages of 30-40 mg a day, but is never recommended to go over 40 mg a day.

In fact, due to high potency and high chances of negative side effects, Superdrol is often recommended to be administered in a dosage of 20 mg a day because most people say this is a perfect dosage for big results and controlling side effects.

Superdrol Cycle Length

According to people who had experience with Superdrol, they recommend that a Superdrol cycle to be anywhere in the range of 4-6 weeks. The length of the cycle depends on the starting conditions as well as the ultimate goals, but is not recommended to go up to 8 weeks because of very high liability to offer liver damage.

It was said that a 6 weeks Superdrol cycle with low to moderate dosages is better than a 4 weeks Superdrol cycle with moderate to high dosage.

Superdrol Cycles

  • The sweetest Superdrol cycle seem to be 20 mg a day 4 weeks. People also go for 10-20 mg a day of Superdrol for 6 weeks.
  • Such a cycle, according to the reviews, would offer better results than 40 mg a day for 4 weeks.

Is very important never to try any kind of abuse, to have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan as well as to protect your liver. Superdrol cycles would make you grow muscles insanely, or would offer bad side effects – it all depends on you.

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