Side Effects of Dbol

We all heard about Dianabol (Dbol) since is the most popular steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Or at least, anyone who has done any research about anabolic steroids that would help with bodybuilding purposes. Dianabol (shortly called Dbol) is an orally active steroid that is considered very powerful and potent having great properties for growing muscles and increasing strength levels.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that Dbol remains an anabolic steroid and a powerful one, with this being said, is quite obvious that side effects are possible to occur with Dianabol.

The active substance of the compound is Methandienone (also called Methandrostenolone) which is derived from testosterone, that’s why the side effects are very similar to those of testosterone, but they are still somewhat different, taken in consideration that this is a different chemical.


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  • Before using an anabolic steroid, we always highly recommend users to read about their dosage, how they work and what to expect. You can find all of this information on various other articles on our website, but now we would check the side effects of Dbol. You need to be prepared for them because nobody if fully protected against side effects.

Nonetheless, by being prepared, you know what to expect and how to correctly deal with them, especially taken in consideration that each side effect is different and can be controlled differently.


There are main side effects of Dianabol – the most common ones and based on them, you can find out how to deal with them.

Main side effects of Dbol includes:

  • Estrogen related ones
  • Androgen related ones
  • Testosterone suppression for men
  • Liver toxicity
  • Virilizing (masculinization) for women – and that’s why women are not recommended the compound at all.

Let’s check the most common side effects of Dianabol:

  1. Men can grow breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia (or shortly gyno).

Most men call this side effect man’s boobs or bitch tits and in bodybuilding is considered one of the ugliest side effect. Just imagine a man having breasts like a woman – that’s definitely not looking good.

This occurs because Dianabol is highly estrogenic (due to high aromatization) and this would lead to a growth of breast tissue in men. The higher the dosage, the worst the side effect. The longer the time you’re on – the worst and more possible is that would occur. Control the estrogen to control the side effect.

  1. Holding a lot of water known as water retention which can lead to bloating.

Whilst a bit of water retention is helpful for bulking cycles because it helps to keep your joints, wrists etc. healthy during the lifts of heavy weights, not controlling the side effect may lead to bloating and lots of water retention which is not looking good and may lead to side effects such as hypertension and cholesterol issues.

This side effect also occurs due to aromatization (estrogenic activity) and good news is that by controlling the estrogen, you can control both these 2 side effects mentioned.

  1. Men may develop oily skin, acne and a bad skin condition.

This side effect occurs due to high androgenic activity. The side effect is less likely to occur with Dbol than with other more androgenic side effects since Dianabol is not offering as high androgenic activity as other steroids.

Nonetheless, this may still lead to oily skin and acne. The side effect is highly depending on the dosage and genetic make up of each person. If you do get it, reduce the dosage or/ and add 5 alpha aromatase inhibitors.


  1. You could grow hair on face and body – abnormal growth.

This is another side effect that is occurring due to androgenic activity and is therefore also depending on genetic make up of each person and the dosage. Same control method as with the previous side effect.

  1. Liver hepatotoxicity, may damage your liver.

Dianabol is an orally active steroid and in order to survive the liver without being destroyed, it got C17 alpha alkylated. That’s allowing high bioavailability, but is damaging your liver. This is the reason why dosages never should be higher than recommended and that’s why cycle lengths are short with Dbol.

You could protect the liver by never abusing the steroid, adding liver protective compounds and not using anything else that damage your liver such as OTC drugs, alcohol etc.

  1. Testosterone suppression.

This is a side effect common for all steroids and Dbol is not an exception. The compound increases hormones synthetically so your body stops producing testosterone naturally. This is not a big problem until you stop the Dianabol cycle.

That’s why is very important to run a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each Dbol cycle. And in fact, after each anabolic steroid cycle.


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