Welcome to the Brand New "Mad Cowboy" WebSite

Voice for a Viable Future, and Howard Lyman (the "Mad Cowboy") are proud to announce the launching of the new and re-designed, MadCowboy Website.

This site will provide useful and timely information about Howard, Mad Cow Disease, the dangers of current methods of food production, the values of a plant-based diet, and how every bite of food you take is a decision that affects all life on this planet:

"In reality... we knowingly or unknowingly make choices every day that can lead us toward... grim options or else toward happier ones. We do so, of course, every time we decide what fuel to put in our bodies. To make our choices informed ones, we have to start with the facts." (from, "The Mad Cowboy", p. 20)

The Home Page will also be the primary place announcements will be made as to "what's new" on this site. Some activities/stuff worth checking out now:

The "Making of the Mad Cowboy" Documentary: the Documentary is currently in filming. On-location photographs, production notes from Howard, and additional details of the work-in-progress, will be available frequently. Learn how you can help make this film happen.

Factoids!!: one of Howard's highest priorities is to get the truth out to people about the production of our food, veg'nism, diet, nutrition, the environment, human health, and animal rights. The "Factoid's & Resource Links" section contains documented facts, data, and information on all these topics and more, made freely available for use by anyone. These will be added to periodically.

Buy Stuff: information on purchasing various Howard-related media (video tapes, the best-selling "Mad Cowboy" book, and more) has been consolidated.

The Mad Cowboy Info E-List: The Mad_Cowboy Yahoo E-List is a "receive only" List that will provide announcements of interest, new factoids as they are added to the website, and other useful information, articles, and links. You can sign-up for this free service by sending a note to: Mad_Cowboy-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, or to the MadCowboy Webmaster.

Howard's Speaking Schedule: updated here.

"The message is always the same; If there is to be a bright future for our children and grandchildren, it will come from consumer support of producers who work in concert with nature -- organically, sustainably, and humanely." (Howard Lyman)


Mark Sutton, MadCowboy Webmaster
(personal veg'n website/blog)