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What Is Isotretinoin?

Although you can buy Isotretinoin without a prescription, we still highly recommend our customers to be careful what they are using. For example, if you don’t know what Isotretinoin is, you may not need it at all. We recommend doing the research before using it.

Isotretinoin is most commonly sold as brand Accutane or Roaccutane including many others. This is an anti acne product that is found as pills or as a topical cream. The compound is greatly helpful at treating nasty cases of cystic acne. But it was found helpful at other conditions such as other skin diseases or even certain skin cancers too. That’s because Isotretinoin is stopping the development of acne and helps the skin renew faster. Therefore, it helps overall improving the skin condition.

Isotretinoin is a medication known as a retinoid, that’s why it is related to vitamin A and is found in the body in natural conditions in small quantities. The compound is an isomer of Vitamin A and is working by inhibiting sebaceous glands from producing more oil. That’s stopping the development of acne.


As we all know, a popular side effect of anabolic steroids is acne. Therefore, Isotretinoin is popular among bodybuilders to fight off the negative effects of steroids on the skin when talking about acne issues.

As said, Isotretinoin is sold as a prescription compound in the USA and other countries (although it is an OTC product in other countries) but you can buy Isotretinoin online without a prescription for bodybuilding purposes.

Isotretinoin Bodybuilding

The reason why Isotretinoin is used in bodybuilding is that the steroids are increasing androgens and testosterones in the body. This is leading to increased chances of acne appearance or making it worse.

A similar phenomenon is seen in teenagers when they are getting a spike in androgens and testosterones during their puberty and that’s why a lot of teenagers are suffering from acne.

  • The compound is working as an isomer of vitamin A by reducing the amount of oil released by the oil glands and that’s reducing acne formation drastically.

According to studies done, more than 90% of patients using Isotretinoin (Accutane) are reporting great results even in bad cases of cystic acne.

That’s why Isotretinoin is mostly popular among bodybuilders as a “prevention” of acne in those men who previously used steroids and had acne related issues (because acne is strongly genetic dependent).


Isotretinoin Side Effects

Is highly recommended to run Isotretinoin properly because side effects of Isotretinoin can be temporary but some may be permanent. Luckily, low doses of Isotretinoin are unlikely to offer permanent side effects and are unlikely to cause severe side effects.

Usually, nasty side effects of Isotretinoin or/ and permanent are only reported by those who used huge dosages of the compound and usually, for a prolonged period.

  • Side effects include: dry lips, dry skin, skin related issues, and increased susceptibility to sunburn. If you do get side effects, these are the most commonly reported ones.

Headaches and muscle pains are reported too – but they are uncommon. There are also many other side effects of Isotretinoin, but they are very uncommon.

Isotretinoin is at very high risk of damaging unborn babies even in low doses so pregnant women shouldn’t touch it!

Isotretinoin Dosage


Generally, the compound is given to patients in dosages anywhere between 50 mg up to about 150 mg a day for a period determined by the doctor. Nonetheless, that’s much more than a bodybuilder would need to prevent acne from anabolic steroids.

Usually, bodybuilders only run 10-20 mg a day for as long as they run steroids. The dosage should be increased only if the compound is well tolerated at lower doses and is not enough to deal with acne related problems.

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