Dbol Vs Tbol


Danabol-50mg-balkan-Rebranding-e1550655123252 Dianabol (shortly called Dbol by many) contains active substance Methandienone or Methandrostenolone and this is an orally active steroid that is very famous in the world of bodybuilding. Dianabol is one of the oldest and first steroids that were ever made used in bodybuilding settings and it still remains nowadays one of the most famous one.

The compound is often called “the breakfast of champion” and that’s because the compound has helped numerous bodybuilders reach Mr. Olympia champion by helping to gain muscle mass and strength.

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The compound is used in bulking cycles as it highly aromatizes and would offer water retention that is not suitable for cutting cycles.

Some benefits of Dianabol includes: the user’s body ability to retain nitrogen and boost synthesis of protein is highly enhanced – this is very important for cells to produce protein and muscles, therefore grow muscles. Dbol greatly helps to gain a lot of muscle mass as well as increase stamina and gain physical strength fast.

Users of Dbol develop muscles way more and way faster.


Turanabol-10mg-balkan-Rebranding-e1550839812604 On the other hand, we have Turinabol (as is called by many people – Tbol in short form) which contains the active substance 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone – another orally active steroid that is also very famous as Dbol in the world of bodybuilding, but it still seems like Dianabol is more popular.

Turinabol is considered the “little brother” of Dianabol because it was derived from Dbol, therefore it has some structural similarities.

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  • Turinabol comes with its own advantages but is considered way weaker compared to Dianabol. Some advantages include: less side effects, no water retention and others.
  • Therefore, Turinabol remains one of the famous choices among bodybuilders and athletes.

Benefits of Tbol include the fact that you get a bit of more lean muscle mass, bigger muscle fiber size, enhanced protein synthesis and some improvements in performance. Tbol is stimulating slow but indeed remarkable muscle mass and strength. During a 4-8 weeks cycle with Tbol, users are receiving a harder and refined looking physique.

One of the best things is that Turinabol is capable to offer fat free muscle mass.


Dbol Vs Tbol

Regardless if we are talking about professional or amateur bodybuilding settings, Dianabol (Dbol) is considered by far a superior steroid compared to Turianbol (Tbol) explaining why Dianabol is more popular and why Dianabol is considered “the big brother” of Tbol.

Nonetheless, is important to know that although Dbol gains are way more dramatic and way more than those of Tbol, part of those gains would be lost after bodybuilders stop the cycle, that’s because a part of water retention offered during Dianabol cycle is lost when you stop administration.

  • Advantage of Tbol is that this won’t happen as all gains are clean and quality.
  • Nonetheless, you still won’t gain as much as with Dbol.

Although Dianabol and Turinabol are very similar in terms of their structure, Turinabol is having a very mild anabolic activity and almost zero androgenic activity, compared to Dianabol which has a mild androgenic activity but high anabolic rating.

An advantage of Turinabol is the fact that it cannot aromatize into estrogen, therefore, you would get no estrogen related side effects as you would with the king of aromatization – Dianabol, where estrogenic side effects are definitely possible. Another advantage of Turinabol is the fact that side effects overall would be lower compared to those of Dianabol.

Nonetheless, the advantage of Dianabol over Tbol is the increased physical aesthetics, aggression as well as strength and performance. So you would much likely perform and look better with Dianabol (at least, when water would get flushed from your body).

Dianabol is a way more powerful compound than Turinabol overall, obviously the results would be more and better.


Plus, Dbol enters your system and flushes out faster than Turinabol. This is an advantage in terms of faster results and faster excretion from body, but is a disadvantage in terms that it should be administered more often.

Which one to choose when deciding between Dbol Vs Tbol highly depends on various factors. If you want to gain as much muscles and strength regardless of anything else – Dbol is better for you. But if you want to remain lean and aesthetic then Tbol is better for you. If you want huge results regardless of side effects – Dbol is better.

If you want boost in physique and performance enhancement but stay away from side effects – Tbol is better. If you have lots of experience – Dbol is better, if you are new to steroidsTbol is better.

Turanaxyl-2-e1554380458933 dianoxyl-dianabol

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It all depends on various factors. In the end, you could use both Dianabol and Turinabol and check, which one is better for your needs. Buy whatever of them Dianabol or Turinabol directly from this site MadCowboy.com for best prices for best quality anabolic steroids.

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