Cytomel Dosage For Weight Loss

Despite the fact that Cytomel is a medication meant for patients suffering from low thyroid levels (underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism), this compound is very widely used and very popular among those who are searching for fat and weight loss goals. But taken in consideration that thyroid hormone levels are playing a direct and important role in the overall weight management of a person, is no wonder Cytomel ended up so popular for such needs.

T3-British-Dragon With this being said, is pretty obvious that lots of people are curious about Cytomel in terms of weight loss needs and those who do plan using it, are interested in Cytomel dosage for weight loss.

  • A short and fast answer about Cytomel dosage for weight loss would be – 25 mcg per day as a starting dosage, you can gradually increase by 12.5 mcg or 25 mcg every couple of days/ weeks but never exceed doses over 100 mcg a day.

Some bodybuilders were said to increase and use even higher dosages, but anything over 100 mcg is considered not necessary (with no further benefits) and dangerous (with high risks of negative side effects).

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In addition to that, a lot of professionals in fitness world are using Cytomel with Clenbuterol in order to speed up the weight loss processes and / or with anabolic steroids in order to avoid the risks of lean muscle loss because running Cytomel you increase T3 levels and that’s increase metabolism.

Your body needs more energy and therefore it may take its energy demands from muscles too.

What is Cytomel?

Cytomel is the trade name of the active substance Liothyronine Sodium. You could find this chemical name sold as other brand names too, yet Cytomel is the brand and the first trade name of this product.

Liothyronine itself is the manufactured (synthetic) version of thyroid hormone T3 and there’s no difference between the synthetic of natural version. Therefore, Cytomel is T3 and when administered, you get more T3 thyroid hormones.


As we know, hormones should be in a perfect balance, that’s why is no good when there’s not enough of them, but is also no good when there’s too much hormones in the body.

People run Cytomel to slightly increase the levels and that’s going to lead to slight increase in metabolism which leads to the weight loss goals.

  • With this being said, Cytomel dosage for weight loss purposes is usually higher compared to Cytomel dosage for a health condition, however, they are still very close to each other.

For example Cytomel dosage for weight loss usually starts at 25 mcg a day, but the traditional dosage for hypothyroid patients is going to be around 25 mcg a day too.

The difference is that when Cytomel is run for fat shredding purposes, is very rarely started at a lower dosage but when needed for underactive thyroid then dosages may be lower.

Other than that, for hypothyroidism rarely a patient would use over 25 mcg a day and almost never over 50 mcg a day. Nonetheless, Cytomel dosage for weight loss among bodybuilders is commonly around 50 mcg a day and can be used in doses of 75 mcg a day, sometimes even 100 mcg a day.


As said, some users may increase to 125 mcg a day, but that’s already considered a way too high dosage that is not recommended and not necessary.


Is extremely important to run Cytomel dosage for weight loss in proper amounts because Liothyronine is virtually not going to offer any unwanted side effects as long as is used properly. Proper administration means proper levels of T3 and hence no side effects. Yet, if abuse is attempted, T3 levels might get over the roof which is definitely very capable to offer negative side effects.

  • Other than that, when you run Cytomel dosage for weight loss, make sure not to run it for longer than 10 weeks, or absolutely maximum 12 weeks. Most people run it for 6-8 weeks with great results. That’s because there’s a risk your thyroid gland would get used and it won’t produce thyroid hormones in normal levels anymore.

One last thing to mention about LiothyronineCytomel dosage for weight loss is that you need to start and stop slowly.

Start slowly (gradually) because this way you would notice how your body reacts to a specific dosage and stop slowly (gradually) because this way you give time to your thyroid gland to recover back its ability to produce hormones naturally again.


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